Thank you for your support with Ellie's Quest for a Cure 5K Fun Run on Oct. 1st, 2023, on the third annual Wolfam Syndrome Global Awareness Day! It was a huge success and together we raised more than $15,000! 100% of these donations go toward research.
"Thank you for your help - I can't do this alone!" Hope to see you next year!


A presentation: What is Wolfram Syndrome? (10/31/2023)
Wolfram_Syndrome.pptx (10MB)

JUICEBOX Podcast: Ellie White - Learn how Wolfram Syndrome and
Type 1 Diabetes are connected (9/25/2023)

Rocky Mountain PBS - Colorado Voices: Ellie White (4/27/2023)

Rocky Mountain PBS - Blogs: Ellie White (4/27/2023)

Rocky Mountain PBS - Blogs: Dr. Fumihiko Urano (4/25/2023)

MSU Denver Blind/Low-vision STEM Workshop (4/22/2023)


Raising Awareness And Living Life: Ellie White (11/2022)

DailyMail article - The inspiring courage of Ellie (7/19/2022)

Read/Watch Ellie on PBS - No Barriers USA Summit in Estes Park, YMCA of the Rockies
Audio Info Network of CO - "Audio Trekkers" Team 8/28/2022 (9/12/2022)

Erik Weihenmayer - No Barriers - website/blog/newsletter

Watch Ellie skydive - "Don't let anything stand in your way!" (8/8/2022)

Listen to Ellie's interview - Aftersight podcast with Penn Street
Audio Info Network of CO -

Aftersight - Ep. 28: "Ellie White - Live to the Fullest" (4/27/2022)

Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and other podcast sources.

See Ellie's interview @ Overcoming the Odds | Aurora TV (8/5/2021)

Welcome to the Ellie White Foundation For Rare Genetic Disorders

Meet Ellie White . She is far wiser than her years may lead you to believe. Ellie is a beacon of hope. She strives to help raise awareness for her terminal disease, Wolfram Syndrome. Wolfram Syndrome causes blindness, hearing loss, and eventually it affects the brain stem, causing respiratory failure at an early age. With no current cure, the life expectancy of a patient is typically less than 30 years.

Learn more about Ellie and how you can .


August 5, 2021 - See Ellie's interview @ Overcoming the Odds | Aurora TV

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